Augmented Reality - the interface of the future? Closed Event

Tuesday April 9th, 13.30 - 16.30


Unlike Virtual Reality, AR enables many new applications for face-to-face collaboration, because people can move and act in the real world – face-to-face with each other – while discussing and interacting with 3D contents. An example is how architects, engineers and their clients may be able to have meetings about building designs by manipulating 3D models or running simulations on them together.In this workshop, we will describe the fundamental concept of Augmented Reality, give an overview of different AR technologies through examples, and explain how AR works “behind the scenes”.
The workshop will teach you how to implement and deploy simple AR applications using the Unity game engine combined with the Vuforia SDK. This platform is not only a good starting point, but also a very flexible toolkit combination for exploring and developing more advanced AR experiences.

The workshop is organized by Aarhus University. The instructor is Jens Emil Grønbæk, PhD student at the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction Research Group, Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University.

Audience / Target Group
This workshop is a closed event, only open to high school masterclass students. 

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