Functional web - The future of React(JS)

Monday April 8th, 15.30-19.00


How to write a performant and reactive website in a typesafe language, without ever touching JavaScript! Sounds good? Then join this workshop where Mikkel and Simon from IT Minds will guide you through how you build your own functional webapp with React. At the workshop we will build a Pupstagram, a platform to search and like lovable dog breeds.

You will learn

  • to pass data along different pages in a single page application
  • some initial ReasonML programming paradigms
  • some interop methods with JavaScript. 

The workshop will focus on building UI with ReasonReact.

The network requests needed for building pupstagram will be given, but can be learned for eager workshopees

IT Minds is an IT consultancy consisting of over 175 young IT talents. We consist of both talented student employees, graduates, and employees with years of experience. Our focus area are new technology and includes the development of web applications, database solutions, mobile applications, and other areas to strengthen and improve the workflow and processes of our customers.
Young minds – excellent solutions

Audience / Target Group
If you want to know how to write a website in a typesafe and strict manner, this is the workshop for you.


  • Have node.js and npm (comes with most node.js distributions) installed. 
  • Have a text editor of own choice (Visual Studio Code is recommended). 
  • Have git installed.
  • Obviously have a PC or Mac or unixbased computer system.

15-30 participants

Time and place
Monday at 15.30 at Room 137, INCUBA, Katrinebjerg, Aarhus

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