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How do you Design the Next Generation of Blockchains?

In February 2019, Lars Seier Christensen invested 50 million DKK in a new research center at Aarhus University focusing on breakthrough research in Blockchain technology. The main reason for investing in Aarhus? Some of the world’s best cryptographers and blockchain researchers work at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University Here, they are working on overcoming the limitations of the current blockchain technology. The goal is to provide the basic research needed to build energy-efficient and scalable blockchain technology that is provably secure.

Free blockchain workshop

At AU Digital Innovation Festival, you have a unique opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology from the university’s excellent research team. Participate in the exciting blockchain technology workshop on April 8 from 15:30-19:00.
Participation is free so grab your free seat today.

Blockchain and Cybersecurity session at AU Digital Innovation Festival

Can’t get enough of blockchains? Then sign up for the Innovation conference on April 10. Here, we have dedicated a session on blockchains and cyber security. Hear Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen, Associate Professor Bas Spitters, and Assistant Professor Diego F. Aranha talk about their current research in blockchain technologies. We have also invited Peter Frands Frandsen from Secata to talk about leveraging blockchain as a platform for MPC applications. Finally, Simon Simonsen will talk about how Danish Commodities work with security. See the full AU Digital Innovation Conference program.

Both the workshop and conference have limited seating, so sign up today: https://www.digitalinnovationfestival.dk/register

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