Container technology, Microservices, and DevOps

Monday April 8th, 15.30 - 19.00


Modern large scale software systems need to adapt to user’s requirements, new features, and error fixing fast: the timescale is hours or minutes for a feature to be deployed into production, not weeks or months.  Agile development and deployment require automation and new development processes. In this workshop, I will present concrete technologies, notably Docker Engine and Docker Swarm, and a software architecture pattern, Microservices, for doing DevOps, that is “Development Operations”; and using a concrete case study, participants will get a chance to work hands-on on developing and testing infrastructure-as-code scripts to automate container building and deployment.

Henrik Bærbak Christensen. Associate Professor at Computer Science, Aarhus University. Henrik loves to design and code software architectures with main emphasis on reliable, scalable, and highly available systems, – and teach it to people.

Audience / Target Group
The target group is software developers and architects (students, industry, …). A main aspect of the workshop is hands-on exercises on a small case using a Java and Gradle tool stack in a Linux environment, so some familiarity is a benefit. However, the main focus is developing infrastructure-as-code scripts for container building and deployment, so no Java programming is required. No previous Docker knowledge is assumed.

Participants should bring a 64-bit laptop and ideally install a VMWare virtual machine with the case study and tool stack beforehand. The virtual machine will become available before the workshop.
Maximum om 20 participants
Time and place
Monday at 15.30 at Room 147, INCUBA, Katrinebjerg, Aarhus

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