Meet Danish Google Pioneer at Tech Festival

Small IoT units currently making their way into industry and into our homes They can do anything from monitoring in industry to setting the room temperature in our home. But it is also a known problem that IoT devices can pose a security risk, as security is not incorporated into the devices from the beginning.

How do you create a robust operating system for IoT devices? Get the answer from Kasper Verdich Lund, when he joins Aarhus University Digital Innovation Festival from 5 to 12 April, 2019.

Until recently, Kasper was part of Google’s development office in Aarhus and together with another Danish Google developer, Lars Bak, he has helped develop the engine behind Google Chrome. The two Aarhus developers have left the engine room at Google and founded the start-up company Toitware. The purpose of ToitWare is to develop a new robust programming language called Toit, which will allow the maintenance and upgrading of an IoT network consisting of thousands of small devices without compromising the security. That this business idea is good was confirmed just before Christmas, when Swedish venture fund Creandum invested 23 million DKK in Toitware.

Kasper will give a presentation on the Digital Innovation Conference Thursday 11 April. Kasper’s talk is just one of many exciting tech-presentations at the Digital Innovation Festival in Aarhus in early April.

The festival offers several free workshops and a two-day conference, where you can hear about the latest technologies, such as blockchain, IoT, AR, drones and artificial intelligence and many more. The festival is organized by Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering, Department of Engineering and School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University.

See the full AU Digital Innovation Conference program.

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